1. (Reasonably) complete bibliography of publications and presentations.

  2. Just the PDFs.

Themed subsets

(with considerable overlap, but also entirely omitting some papers.)

  1. 3D connected components

  2. Bathymetry interpolation

  3. Boolean operations, local topology theory and example applications

  4. Geostar (DARPA)

  5. Hidden surface removal for 3D objects

  6. Levee erosion modeling and simulation

  7. ODETLAP (lossy compression of terrain and 5D environmental data)

  8. Overlaying maps, planar graphs, polyhedra, intersections

  9. Parallel algorithms (on Intel Xeon or Nvidia GPU)

  10. Terrain path planning

  11. Terrain representation theory, including interpolating contours. See also the ODETLAP list.

  12. Terrain visibility, viewshed, Multiple observer siting

  13. Terrain hydrography

Students and Collaborators

  1. Matheus Aguilar

  2. Varol Akman

  3. Marcus Andrade

  4. Daniel Benedetti

  5. Rodrigo Eduardo de Oliveira Bauer Chichorro

  6. Bruno Coelho

  7. Metin Inanc

  8. Mohan Kankanhalli

  9. Eddie Tsz-Yam Lau

  10. Wenli Li

  11. You Li

  12. Salles Viana Gomes de Magalhães

  13. Marcelo de Matos Menezes

  14. Jonathan Muckell

  15. Chandrasekhar Narayanaswami

  16. Chris Stuetzle

  17. Daniel Tracy

  18. Zhongyi Xie

  19. Many of my students' PhD theses