CG Lecture 11, Thurs 2016-09-22

  1. DIY 3d Light-field Hologram Selfies by Lumii @ Siggraph 2016

  2. Euler and angles and Gimbal lock

    1. Gimble Lock - Explained.

      One problem with Euler angles is that multiple sets of Euler angles can degenerate to the same orientation. Conversely, making a small rotation from certain sets of Euler angles can require a jump in those angles. This is not just a math phenomenon; real gyroscopes experience it.


    3. What is Gimbal Lock and why does it occur? - an animator's view.

  3. Now, we'll see how the programs in work.

  4. My note on 3D Interpolation, which is better than the textbook section on animating with Euler angles.

  5. (Unrelated to this course). Tonight is the annual IgNobel award ceremony, parodying the upcoming real Nobels. Real Nobel laureates give awards for crazy achievements. In 2005, Roy Glauber, the janitor who usually sweeps paper airplanes off the stage during the Ignobel ceremony, won a real Nobel. (His day job was a professor of physics at Harvard.) So, maybe the Nobels parody the Ignobels.
  6. Real Time Graphics in Pixar Film Production