CG Lab/Lecture 10, Wed 2016-09-21

  1. SIGGRAPH 2016 – Technical Papers Trailer

  2. Handwritten notes on tablet from 09-19.

  3. Homework 4 is online; due next Thurs 9am.

  4. Seretsi Khabane Lekena '17 writes:

    Here is the link to The co-creator of the website has an account named "iq", searching for that account brings up some renders that really push Webgl to its limits in really pretty ways (he used to work for Pixar and Siggraph)

  5. 0921-interactivevert shows two new things.

    1. Using a slider to skew vertices. This time, the vertex shader reads the uniform variable.
    2. Making the fragments' color depend on their position. The fragment shader uses the reserved variable gl_FragCoord.
  6. The Sketchy Database: Learning to Retrieve Badly Drawn Bunnies - SIGGRAPH 2016.