CG Lecture 12, Mon 2016-09-26

  1. I corrected an error in question 3 of Homework 4.
  2. Handwritten notes on tablet from 09-22.
  3. I've moved my local copy of the textbook files. (The reason is to put files that are not being updated (textbook files) in a different directory from files that are (lecture notes and homeworks); this makes pushing out updates much faster). The links in all the lecture notes have been updated.
  4. Siggraph 2016 | Day 3 | Exhibition Floor | Redshift
  5. We'Ll continue to see how the programs in work.
  6. I have a local copy of those programs.
  7. More iclicker questions.
  8. We'll also do the textbook slides from chapter 4.
    1. Input and Interaction
    2. Animation
    3. Working with Callbacks
  9. This Wed will be short again. I'll just show a few WebGL programs and then help people with homework. No iclicker questions.