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  1. Slide set 7
    1. logical input devices
    2. X window input, client-server model. (In X, the client is the machine where the processing is done; the server displays the graphics.)
    3. callbacks, incl idle callback
    4. request vs event mode
    5. post redisplay - use this when you've changed something and so the system has to update the display.
    6. double buffering
  2. single_double.c. Shows:
    1. The difference between single and double buffering.
    2. Creating two graphics windows in one program.
    3. Mouse input.
  3. getinfo.c. Shows how to read information about the OpenGL version and how to get internal state variables.
  4. showinput.c. Shows how to get input.
  5. Slide set 8
    1. more on callbacks

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