IED Class 19, Thu Mar 30

  1. Next week is a show-and-tell for the informal subsystem demos.

  2. We will do that in class on Thurs.

    If you cannot do it in the classroom, tell me soon. We may have to have that demo on Mon.

  3. The demos will be graded according to team_project_MS_2_demonstration_rubric.

  4. Each team please fill this form out, including how you want to be evaluated, and email it to me for Monday.

  5. There will be no formal grade next week, but you will use this as part of your final report.

  6. Teams typically have problems with the following:

    1. Creating a metric for each subsystem.
    2. Creating a test for each subsystem to show that it meets the metric.
  7. I may make comments to improve it.

  8. Other than that, Mon is a work day.

IED Class 14, Mon Mar 6

  1. Miniproject grades were uploaded to LMS again. This time, the columns might be correct.

    The comments, including grades, that Franklin (WRF) emailed each team were only for the miniproject memo. Competition scores were calculated by the relevant spreadsheet. Presentation scores came from Gross.

  2. The project milestone 1 memo is due Wed, by 11:59 pm.

  3. Today is Activity 16 from the activities list.

  4. (enrichment) The discussion for RAF pilot sacked for sending Airbus Voyager into sudden dive raises some good points about engineering design. Summary: a well-designed autopilot saved a plane after a pilot's error.

  5. Comment on today's activity:

    Each person needs a separate individual task, which can be built separately and demonstrated. We'll help you to find tasks if you wish, but you should firm this up today.

  6. Comment on creativity:

    Being able to think of things to do is a valuable skill. There are organizations that cannot think of ideas themselves but who hope that they can recognize good ideas on sight.

    E.g., WRF spent a few years at the federal National Science Foundation in the DC area. Professors around the US submit proposals to NSF for funding. NSF would get advice from other professors and then fund the best 20%. However, NSF did not usually think of the new ideas itself, except in broad categories.

    Venture capitalists operate similarly.

IED Class 13, Thur Mar 2

  1. Miniproject grades were uploaded to LMS.
  2. Comments about your miniproject reports were emailed to everyone.
  3. Prof Franklin was quite impressed with the quality of your reports. They were well structured and readable with almost no grammar or spelling errors. Thanks.
  4. Today is Activity 14 from the activities list: Team Project Concept Reviews.

IED Class 12, Mon Feb 27

  1. Each team presents requirements analysis to class for discussion. Later, include it in your final project report.
  2. Number 12 from the activities list. Concept generation: Generate 3 design alternatives, critique and justify choice.

IED Class 11, Thurs Feb 23

  1. Number 11 from the activities list.
  2. For the first hour, the teams should finalize their project choices, so that they have reached a decision by the end of the hour.
  3. For the second hour, work on the requirement and fill out the worksheet. Plan to give Franklin the worksheet at the start of next Monday's class.
  4. Note the due dates approaching in the syllabus. On Thurs March 2, each team presents its concept to the class. You can have 15 minutes per team if you wish, but don't need to use it. Each person should describe his/her role.
  5. Per the syllabus (bottom of page 3), please email (W. Randolph Franklin) your Milestone 1 Memos, by the end of Wednesday March 8. A meaningful subject line is always appreciated. Here is a template.