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This is a senior CSYS course, and assumes a moderate computer maturity, represented in the catalog by ECSE-2610 (Computer Components & Operations). You should know some HW, but if you don't have that specific course, don't worry.

Since there is programming in C or C++, you also must know some high level language, which you can translate into a knowledge of some C. If you don't know what a pointer is, then drop this course and take Computing Languages first. A good review book on C is Kelley & Pohl, A Book on C.

Computer Graphics also assumes that you know, or be able to learn, some basic line3ar algebra, up to the level of what an eigenvalue is.

If you're uncertain about taking this course, then, by all means, talk to me, or to previous people in it. If there is one specific fact that is unfamiliar, such as eigenvalue, then there's no problem at all.

The Fall 2008 course will be 90% the same as the Fall 2007 version. See the course homepage, including syllabus, linked in the right sidebar. However, I will probably use the new edition of the text.

If you need a form signed, pin it by my door, 6026 JEC. I'll use your phone # or email on the form to tell you to pick it up. Welcome.