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Due Nov 15 in lab

  1. Tell me about the default OpenGL projection:
    1. where is the camera?
    2. in which direction does it point?
    3. what is the default view volume?
    4. what is the default projection matrix?
  2. What's an accumulation buffer good for?
  3. How can you use XOR to swap the numbers in 2 different registers?
  4. Briefly define antialiasing.
  5. Why might aliasing appear in texture mapping?
  6. What is mipmapping?
  7. What is the backward mapping problem in texture mapping?
  8. What is a big problem with the painters algorithm?
  9. If your scene is fixed but your viewpoint changes, what is the name for a good tree preprocessing technique to display it?
  10. OpenGL requires texture dimensions to be powers of 2. Nevertheless, it provides support for texture maps that are not. What is this support?
  11. Explain the difference between texture mapping, environment mapping and bump mapping.
  12. Contrast the following coordinate systems:
    1. Parametric coordinates
    2. Texture coordinates
    3. Object or World Coordinates
    4. Window Coordinates

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