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Due in Lab Sept 20

  1. For each of the following questions, answer either OpenGL or DirectX.
    1. Which is used more in the professional graphics market?
    2. Which is used more for gaming?
    3. However, which does Quake use?
    4. Which allows easier access to vendor-specific features of the drivers with an extension mechanism?
    5. Which has historically been easier to render textures in?
    6. Which runs on more platforms?
    7. Which also does sound?
  2. Use gasket3.c as a base to write a program to draw a Menger sponge.
    Hand in your code and some screendumps.
  3. Assume that you have a model coordinate space with corners (100,200) and (3100,2200). You wish to map points in it to a window with corners (0,0) and (1,1). (1600,1200) should map to (0.5,0.5). X and Y should scale the same. Compute what the transformations for X and Y should be, in this form:
    X' = s X + dx
    Y' = s Y + dy
    I.e., tell me what s, dx, and dy are.

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