PAR Lecture 25, Thu Apr 20

Today we'll see some Nvidia videos from recent conferences, then several cloud computing tools, then some more Intel example programs.

2   Cloud computing

(Enrichment; read on your own)

The material is from Wikipedia, which appeared better than any other sources that I could find.

  1. Hierarchy:

    1. IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)
      1. Sample functionality: VM, storage
      2. Examples:
        1. Google_Compute_Engine
        2. Amazon_Web_Services
        3. OpenStack : compute, storage, networking, dashboard
    2. PaaS (Platform ...)
      1. Sample functionality: OS, Web server, database server
      2. Examples:
        1. OpenShift
        2. Cloud_Foundry
        3. Hadoop :
          1. distributed FS, Map Reduce
          2. derived from Google FS, map reduce
          3. used by Facebook etc.
      3. Now, people often run Apache Spark™ - Lightning-Fast Cluster Computing instead of Hadoop, because Spark is faster.
    3. SaaS (Software ...)
      1. Sample functionality: email, gaming, CRM, ERP
  2. Cloud_computing_comparison

  3. Virtual machine.

    The big question is, at what level does the virtualization occur? Do you duplicate the whole file system and OS, even emulate the HW, or just try to isolate files and processes in the same OS.

    1. Virtualization
    2. Hypervisor
    3. Xen
    4. Kernel-based_Virtual_Machine
    5. QEMU
    6. VMware
    7. Containers, docker,
    8. Comparison_of_platform_virtual_machines
  4. Distributed storage

    1. Virtual_file_system
    2. Lustre_(file_system)
    3. Comparison_of_distributed_file_systems
    4. Hadoop_distributed_file_system
  5. See also

    1. VNC
    2. Grid_computing
      1. decentralized, heterogeneous
      2. used for major projects like protein folding

3   More Intel tutorials

Today, following on to Lecture 23, we'll run some more Intel tutorials. Students with their laptops are encouraged to participate.

Setting things up in your home dir (or whereever):

  1. mkdir samples; cd samples
  2. source /parallel-class/mic/setup

For each sample,

  1. Get the tarball into your dir with wget. (I copied some tarballs into /opt/intel/samples/ ).
  2. Unpack it.
  3. cd into the subdir
  4. Browse readme.html and follow it.

Here are the samples.


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