CG Lecture 8, Thurs 2016-09-15

  1. SIGGRAPH 2016 - Computer Animation Festival Trailer
  2. Handwritten notes from 09-14.
  3. The console log, which you can usually display with F12, is a good place to see error messages. I'll demo it.
  4. The program that I worked on last time is in 0914-interactivegreen. Point your browser at a.html. Last night, I rewrote it to:
    1. Change yellow to green everywhere since it's adding green not adding yellow.
    2. Put the 2 standard include files in the same dir.
  5. Now we're starting a module on 3D rotations.
  6. My note on 3D rotation.
    1. All rigid transformations in 3D that don't move the origin have a line of fixed points, i.e., an axis, that they rotate around.
    2. deriving the vector formula for a rotation given the axis and angle
    3. computing the matrix from a rotation axis and angle
    4. testing whether a matrix is a rotation
    5. if it is, then finding the axis and angle.