CG Lecture 6, Mon 2016-09-12

  1. Handwritten notes from 09-08.

  2. SIGGRAPH 2016 – Art Gallery Trailer.

  3. Another way to submit homework programming:

    1. Make a convenient directory in your RCS filesystem, say /afs/

    2. Permit it to us (while logged into an RCS unix machine, perhaps with ssh):

      1. fs sa graphics kollys rl
      2. fs sa graphics frankwr rl
    3. Do whatever with the files in it.

    4. See them on any webserver at this url:

      You will be prompted for your RCS user id and password.

  4. Homework 2 notes:

    1. How to do 3D with a depth buffer was shown in the gasket examples I presented in class.

    2. I'll work out another 3D example in class to show how it's done.

    3. The due date is extended to 9am Thurs 2016-09-15. 9am Thurs will be a consistent due date for homeworks.

    4. It's ok to cut-and-paste the data in. If it won't fit, do as much as works, and report how much that was.

      Alternatively, you might figure out how to read a file of data.

  5. We'll continue with the textbook powerpoint slides.

    1. 3_3, Programming with WebGL Part 4: Color and Attributes
    2. 3_4, Programming with WebGL Part 5: More GLSL
    3. 3_5, Programming with WebGL Part 6: Three Dimensions
  6. This Wed Sept 14, we'll have another lecture/lab.