PAR Lecture 20, Mon Apr 6

1   Intel compilers on parallel

  1. Intel Parallel Studio XE Cluster 2017 is now installed on parallel, in /opt/intel/ . It is a large package with compilers, debuggers, analyzers, MPI, etc, etc. There is is extensive doc on Intel's web site. Have fun.

    Students and free SW developers can get also free licenses for their machines. Commercial licenses cost $thousands.

  2. What’s Inside Intel Parallel Studio XE 2017. There're PDF slides, a webinar, and training stuff.


  4. Before using the compiler, you should initialize some envars thus:

    source /opt/intel/bin/ -arch intel64
  5. Then you can compile a C or C++ program thus:

    icc -openmp -O3 foo.c -o foo
    icpc -qopenmp -O3 -o foo
  6. On my simple tests, not using the mic, icpc and g++ produced equally good code.

  7. Compile a C++ program with OpenMP thus:

    icpc -qopenmp -std=c++11   -o omp_hello
  8. Test it thus, it is in /parallel-class/mic

    OMP_NUM_THREADS=4 ./omp_hello

    Note how the output from the various threads is mixed up.

2   Programming the MIC (ctd)

  1. It turns out that I (but not you) can update a login password on mic0, but it's a little tedious. Use your ssh key.

    Details: at startup, mic0:/etc is initialized from parallel:/var/mpss/mic0/etc So I could edit shadow and insert a new encrypted password.

    So is /home, but it's then replaced by the NFS mount.

  2. I can also change, e.g., your login shell. Use bash on mic0 since zsh does not exist there.

  3. Dr.Dobb's: Programming the Xeon Phi by Rob Farber.

  4. Some MIC demos .

  5. To cross compile with icc and icpc, see the MPSS users guide, Section 8.1.4. Use the -mmic flag.

  6. Intel OpenMP* Support Overview.

  7. New Era for OpenMP*: Beyond Traditional Shared Memory Parallel Programming.

  8. Book: Parallel Programming and Optimization with Intel® Xeon Phi™™ Coprocessors, 2nd Edition [508 Pages].

  9. See also

  10. Rolling Out the New Intel Xeon Phi Processor at ISC 2016

  11. Supermicro Showcases Intel Xeon Phi and Nvidia P100 Solutions at ISC 2016

  12. Insider Look: New Intel® Xeon Phi™ processor on the Cray® XC™ Supercomputer


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