PAR Lecture 15, Thurs Mar 9

1   Student presentations about GTC

  1. DP-S, Fast Splittable Pseudorandom Number Generator
  2. CF
  3. MB, Parallel Methods for Verifying the Consistency of Weakly-Ordered Architectures
  4. NB
  5. TN
  6. ET
  7. ZX

2   Unionfs: Linux trick of the day

  1. aka overlay FS, translucent FS.

  2. If a, b are directories, and m is an empty directory, then

    unionfs -o cow a=RW:b m

    makes m to be a combo of a and b, with a being higher priority

  3. Writing a file into m writes it in a.

  4. Changing a file in b writes the new version into a

  5. Deleting a file in b causes a white-out note to be stored in a.

  6. Unmount it thus:

    fusermount -u m

  7. None of this requires superuser.

  8. Application: making a read-only directory into a read-write directory.

  9. Note: IBM had a commercial version of this idea in its CP/CMS OS in the 1960s.


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