PAR Homework 6

Hand in your solution on RPILMS, unless instructions say otherwise. Each team should submit its solution under only 1 student's name. The other student's submission should just name the lead student. (This makes it easier for us to avoid grading it twice.)

If you have problems, then ask for help. The goal is to learn the material.

Homework 6, due Thu 2017-03-23 in class

  1. Form teams of up to 3 students and decide on term project topics.
    1. Any (legal, ethical) topic that shows that you learned something in class is ok.
    2. Combining with other courses and research projects is ok (if the other side agrees).
  2. Each team is encouraged to create a blog for the deliverables, like the proposal.
    1. I don't care if it's password-protected or not, if I can read it.
    2. If you want to do this but don't have a platform, I can create a PmWiki site for you.
  3. Each team give a 5-minute talk to class, plus 1 or 2 minutes for questions.
    1. You choose the medium.
    2. It does not have to be a fast-forward powerpoint presentation.
    3. However you are responsible for getting your presentation working; this time comes from your 5 minutes.
    4. So that the class ends on time, I will cut you off if you run too long.


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