IED Class 14, Mon Mar 6

  1. Miniproject grades were uploaded to LMS again. This time, the columns might be correct.

    The comments, including grades, that Franklin (WRF) emailed each team were only for the miniproject memo. Competition scores were calculated by the relevant spreadsheet. Presentation scores came from Gross.

  2. The project milestone 1 memo is due Wed, by 11:59 pm.

  3. Today is Activity 16 from the activities list.

  4. (enrichment) The discussion for RAF pilot sacked for sending Airbus Voyager into sudden dive raises some good points about engineering design. Summary: a well-designed autopilot saved a plane after a pilot's error.

  5. Comment on today's activity:

    Each person needs a separate individual task, which can be built separately and demonstrated. We'll help you to find tasks if you wish, but you should firm this up today.

  6. Comment on creativity:

    Being able to think of things to do is a valuable skill. There are organizations that cannot think of ideas themselves but who hope that they can recognize good ideas on sight.

    E.g., WRF spent a few years at the federal National Science Foundation in the DC area. Professors around the US submit proposals to NSF for funding. NSF would get advice from other professors and then fund the best 20%. However, NSF did not usually think of the new ideas itself, except in broad categories.

    Venture capitalists operate similarly.