IED Class 11, Thurs Feb 23

  1. Number 11 from the activities list.
  2. For the first hour, the teams should finalize their project choices, so that they have reached a decision by the end of the hour.
  3. For the second hour, work on the requirement and fill out the worksheet. Plan to give Franklin the worksheet at the start of next Monday's class.
  4. Note the due dates approaching in the syllabus. On Thurs March 2, each team presents its concept to the class. You can have 15 minutes per team if you wish, but don't need to use it. Each person should describe his/her role.
  5. Per the syllabus (bottom of page 3), please email (W. Randolph Franklin) your Milestone 1 Memos, by the end of Wednesday March 8. A meaningful subject line is always appreciated. Here is a template.