CG Lecture 31, Mon 2016-11-28

  1. Iclicker questions.
  2. If anyone wants to show the video to the class of Monday instead of Thurs, could you please write Shama (even if you filled out the LMS survey).
  3. Handwritten notes from
    1. 10/26.
    2. 11/09.
    3. 11/21.
  4. There are many interactive spline demos on the web. Bayreuth is good. Try the following:
    1. Moving a control point moves only a few segments.
    2. If you make control points coincide then the continuity at that joint falls.
    3. You can make the curve have a kink. At that point, there is still parametric continuity, but not geometric continuity. That is, \(dx/dt\) and \(dy/dt\) are continuous but \(dy/dx\) is not.
  5. ibiblio shows the problem with interpolating a high degree polynomial. The curve swings wildly and it's notintuitive.
  6. Khan Academy shows some code. See how it decides which control point you clicked on.
  7. Programs drawing the Utah teapot.
  8. 14_2 Designing parametric cubic curves.
  9. 14_3 Bezier and spline curves and surfaces.
  10. 14_4 Rendering curves and surfaces.
  11. 14_5 Rendering the teapot.
  12. You do not need to learn most of those slides. Later I'll summarize what you need.
  13. 15_1 Global rendering.
  14. 15_2 Ray tracing.
  15. 15_3 What's next?.