CG notes about grading, Wed 2016-12-21

When computing the total grade, I followed the syllabus, except for lowering some of the letter grade cutoffs. The reason is that I felt that the class had earned higher grades. The new cutoffs are:

Grade cutoffs:
Percentage grade Letter grade
>=91.0% A
>=87.0% A-
>=83.0% B+
>=79.0% B
>=75.0% B-
>=70.0% C+
>=65.0% C
>=60.0% C-
>=55.0% D+
>=50.0% D
>=0% F

I enjoyed teaching the class, and hope that you enjoyed taking it. Comments about how to improve it are welcome.

I am available in the future, including after you graduate, to talk about any legal ethical topic.

I wish you success in the rest of your time at RPI, and after.