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Independent study course

If you would like to study a topic next fall that we don't cover in a course, you may be able to do an independent study course in the topic. I will sign off on it, upon delivery of a project report and presentation of a talk to me. You get to pick the course title that will appear on your transcript. You do all the work and just meet me occasionally. By the end, you will know the topic better than me.

Students interested in the canceled ''ECSE-6800 Advanced 3D Computer Graphics and Viz'', who wish to learn CGAL, CAD, GRASS, or CUDA, might take this route.

New Plan to do as much work on your independent study as on a lecture course with the same number of credits. You will have to discipline yourself to do this, in the face of many specific deadlines, such as homeworks and exams, of your other courses. If you slight your independent study course, then you will get a low grade. Your telling me that you didn't have time to work on your independent study in the previous week motivates me to do that.