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Homework 8, due 2pm Fri Apr 29, 2011


  1. Email your solutions, as a PDF file, to

wrfranklin+homeworkATgmail.com , replacing AT with @.

  1. You may do this homework in teams of two people.
  2. Put the homework number, your names and RCS-IDs on the homework. (E.g. I would say something like Homework 3, W. Randolph Franklin, frankwr.)
  3. Please put HW08 in your subject line.
  4. This homework will be graded by Hang.


  1. (10 pts) Do exercise 5.88 on page 297. This requires reading about the gamma distribution on your own.
  2. (10 pts) Do exercise 5.90 on page 297. This requires reading about the Rayleigh distribution on your own.
  3. (10 pts) Do exercise 5.110 on page 299.
  4. (10 pts) Do exercise 6.1, only parts (a) and (c), on page 348.
  5. (10 pts) Do exercise 6.22(a), on page 351.