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ECSE-2500, Engineering Probability, Spring 2010, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Lecture 9

  1. Some review questions
    1. Sampling with replacement with ordering: Each day I eat lunch at either the Union, Mcdonalds, Brueggers, or Sage. How many ways can I eat lunch over 5 days next week?
    2. sampling w/o replacement and w/o order: How many different possible teams of 3 people can you pick from a group of 5?
    3. sampling w/o replacement and with order: 5 people run a race for gold, silver, bronse. How many ways can the medals be won?
    4. binomial: A coin falls heads with p=.6. You toss it 3 times. What's the prob of 2 heads and 1 tail?
    5. multinomial: You play roulette 3 times. Once you got red, once black and once 0 or 00. What was the prob?
    6. conditional prob: You have 2 dice, one 6-sided and one 12-sided. You pick one of them at random and throw it w/o looking; the total is 2. What's the probability that you threw the 6-sided die?
    7. Independence: Consider {1,2,3,...12}. Is the set of even numbers independent of the set of multiples of 3? What if we use {1,2,..10}?
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