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Homework 2, due Thu Sep 16, 2010

Hand in during lab, or email PDF file to Peter.

  1. I mentioned that most of us see in 3 colors. (Colorblinddeficient people in see 2 or 1.) However, it seems that a small fraction of people can see in 4 colors. Do some research on the web to answer this:
    1. Are these tetrachromatic people either sex, or mostly (or all) men, or mostly (or all) women?
    2. Why (in 50 words or less)?
  2. Are LCD displays additive or subtractive color? Why?
  3. Read this article on electronic paper. Give one advantage and one disadvantage of electronic paper compared to an LCD display in an ebook. (You might have to think; the answer is not guaranteed to be in the article.)
  4. Imagine that you are creating a film that is 1 hour long, with 24 frames per second. Each frame is 2000x3000 pixels. Each pixel uses 3 bytes of storage (before compression).
    1. How many pixels does the movie contain?
    2. If you can compress the data by a factor of 10, so that each pixel takes only 0.3 bytes, how much storage will the movie take?
    3. How many DVDs, at 4.7x109 bytes each is that?
    4. If the movie is being streamed as you watch it, how many bits per second are needed?
    5. Comment on the numbers I gave you to work with. Are they reasonable?
  5. OpenGL programming:
    1. Install GLUT (The OpenGL Utility Toolkit) on your system if necessary. http://www.opengl.org/resources/libraries/glut/ points to downloads for various platforms. In Linux, install a package.
    2. Write a program to create the logo for the Target store (a small red circle inside a large red ring.) I don't care if your circles look polygonal. You decide what OpenGL primitive to use, and how to handle the fact that the ring is hollow.
      Hand in source code and screen dump.
  6. Why is ray tracing not compatible with the graphics pipeline?