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Due Sept 16, 2008.

  1. Modify gasket3.c as follows.
    1. Instead of subdividing a tetrahedron into 4 smaller tetrahedra, subdivide a cube into 27 smaller potential cubes with 13 of them further subdivided and the others empty.
    2. Change the orientation every time the scene is redisplayed.
  2. (The point of this question is to introduce you to one of RPI's graphics alumni.)
    The most recent project of Dr. Chandra Narayanaswami, PhD (RPI), and Manager, Wearable Computing, IBM TJ Watson Research Center, is Soulpad. Briefly, SoulPad allows a user to personalize a PC and resume complete computing environments without carrying the whole PC around. An video demonstrating the prototype is available at http://www.research.ibm.com/WearableComputing/SoulPad/SoulPadVideo.wmv and more information about the technique is available at http://www.research.ibm.com/WearableComputing/SoulPad/soulpad.html.
    Soulpad uses some of the same good design techniques I've mentioned in class recently. What are they?
  3. Do Angel, page 37, exercise 1.8.
  4. Do Angel, page 38, exercise 1.13.
  5. Do Angel, page 96, exercise 2.10.
  6. Do Angel, page 96, exercise 2.12.