Wm Randolph Franklin and Clark Ray. Higher isn't necessarily better: visibility algorithms and experiments. In Thomas C. Waugh and Richard G. Healey, editors, Advances in GIS Research: Sixth International Symposium on Spatial Data Handling, 751–770. Edinburgh, 5–9 Sept 1994. The International Geographical Union's Commission on Geographical Information Systems and The Association for Geographic Information, Taylor & Francis.
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We describe several fast programs to compute viewsheds and weighted visibility indices for observation points in a raster terrain. These pro grams explore various tradeoffs between speed and accuracy. We have analyzed many cells of data; there is no strong correlation between a point's elevation and its weighted visibility index. However, the, very few, high visibility points tend to characterize features of the terrain. This work can form a basis for automatically locating observers jointly to cover a terrain region of interest.

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