IED Class 13, Mon 2018-10-15

Comments on MS1

  1. Each team must build something. Simulations are not ok.

  2. That thing must, at least in principal if it were debugged, work.

  3. Each student must have a separate subproject.

  4. That subproject must be separately demonstrable and testable.

  5. That may require extra work and building extra stuff.

  6. The specs must have lots of numbers. E.g., it's a box

    1. sized 6"+-.01" by 6"+-.01" by 2"+-.01".
    2. costing under $5.
    3. able to withstand a force from the top of 10lb.
    4. that is not damaged by being submerged in 1ft of water for 1 minute.
  7. Include specs about safety, ease of learning to use, recycling, etc.

  8. Start with a simple direct statement of what you're doing.

  9. Do not exceed your time.

  10. Use both first and last names.

  11. Suggest including date and time or version number on title slide.

    When I get two versions, which is later?

  12. Choose a short title for your project and use it exactly and consistently.


  1. Here are today's files .
  2. Activity 16-1.
    1. Informal reviews.
    2. Note the strongly suggested components.

IED Class 12, Thu 2018-10-11

Minitalk notes emailed

On Tues, I separately emailed each student a zip file containing my notes and a scan of Casey's notes. For a complicated reason involving that I've partly automated this, my emails were sent from here:

w540 <>

If you didn't receive yours, or if you deleted it, write me and I'll resend it.

Still to send: minimemo notes.

Milestone One: System Concept Reviews

  1. Here are today's files .
  2. Activity 14-1.
  3. Note the presentation rubric.