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Quantum Class 13, Mon 2022-10-17

1 Followup on free-ranging discussion time, 2

  1. Real world electrical engineering: I'll show different plug formats for charging a Tesla.

    1. Note CCS evolved by just grafting DC pins onto the existing AC plug.

      CCS is common; I have a converter.

    2. Tesla transmits data in addition to power. Similar to USC-C except 1000x power.

      Tesla, the best technical format will probably lose to CCS. This has happened before.

      I have a 240V 48A Tesla charger at home.

    3. Chademo is obsolete.

    4. J-1772 is common for level-2 chargers at hotels. I have a converter.

    5. There are several NEMA formats for home outlets.

    6. There are 3 charging levels.

      1. 120V 12A

      2. 240V up to 48A (approx)

      3. 400V DC up to 500A (approx)

  2. College accreditation:

    1. The US is different from other countries, with less central control.

    2. We have various overlapping accreditation agencies.

    3. As for RPI:

      1. The university is accredited by the regional Middle States Commission on Higher Education (the US is partitioned into 6 regions).

      2. Degrees are accredited by the University of the State of New York "the Regents" (quite different from the State University of NY),

      3. Many specific programs, like EE, CSYS, medicine, law are accredited by their field. Here, accreditation only cuts off the lower tail of the distribution.

        Many professions require graduation from an accredited program (and then passing an exam) to practice. E.g., medicine, civil engineering.

    4. Historically, accreditation often was instituted to clean up a mess of awful places. E.g. medicine. In a milder form, CS.

    5. Unusual types of colleges (= those that can't get the usual accreditation) can form their own accrediting agencies. However the regular agencies are themselves accredited, in a chain terminating at the US Dept of Ed.

    6. Students who don't understand this mess can be tricked.

2 D-wave

  1. Videos, each about 6 min.

    1. Quantum Annealing Explained

    2. How Quantum Annealing Works

    3. The Physics of Quantum Annealing — Hamiltonian and Eigenspectrum

    4. A Tour of D-Wave's Lab Part 1

    5. A Tour of D-Wave's Lab

#. Quantum Programming 101 Aug 30, 2022 51:46.

3 Homework

Homework 8 is online.