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Quantum Class 6, Thu 2022-09-15

1 Homework 4 ctd

You talk next Mon. See here.


to sign up. Give your topic and enough of your name that I can id you.

There's only one time; the purpose of this is to state your topic in a way that other people can see.

(By posting the link, I'm opening myself to potential spamming, but so far, that hasn't happened.)

2 Old homeworks

To accommodate late adders (students not Viperidae), I've extended the late due dates for the homeworks. Anyone else may also update their answers.

However I'll probably grade quite easily so it isn't necessary.

3 My class conflicts

  1. To accommodate a presidential reception that I'm attending, today will end at 4:45. Last year, I asked Pres Jackson what to do about the conflict. She said to end class early.

  2. Still thinking about what to do for the presidential installation, which might overlap if it runs late.

    I recommend attending the presentations; I am. These are a benefit of being at RPI.

  3. There'll be no classes the first week of Nov because I'll be at ACM SIGSPATIAL. I'll probably assign outside reading and watching.


What shall we do about quarantined students? I could try to webex the class from my iphone. But that quality will probably be bad. So here's a suggestion:

Any quarantined student, and also nonquarantined ones, is welcome to personal webex calls with me to ask questions about quantum computing etc. We can call these office hours.

If you want one, email with some times; I'll reply. When we agree, I'll call then.

5 IBM Quantum

Continuing what was started last class with qiskit etc.