PAR Homework 1

Hand in your solution on RPILMS, unless instructions say otherwise. Each team should submit its solution under only 1 student's name. The other student's submission should just name the lead student. (This makes it easier for us to avoid grading it twice.)

If you have problems, then ask for help. The goal is to learn the material.

Homework 1, due Thurs 2017-01-26, 9am.

  1. Some students prefer to use non-RPI email addresses. Some prefer names that are different from RPI's records. If either is true, then give details.

  2. Do you expect to use your own computer? If so, run these commands and report the output:

    lspci|grep -i nvidia
    g++ -v
    nvcc -V

    For this question only, email the info to WRF.

  3. Read for an intro to parallel computing. From it, or from your own research, answer the following questions.

    1. Why have machine cycle speeds stopped increasing?
    2. What architectures do the top 3 machines on the Top 500 list use?
    3. Which one of the following 4 choices are most GPUs: SISD, SIMD, MISD, MIMD.
    4. Which one of the following 4 choices are most current multicore CPUs: SISD, SIMD, MISD, MIMD.
    5. Per Amdahl's law, if a program is 10% sequential and 90% parallelizable, what is the max speed up that can be obtained with an infinite number of parallel processors?
  4. Try your account on, which I will set up soon with your RCSid. Change your password.

  5. Look at the file on parallel called /home/parallel/whole2015.txt.gz . It is a CSV file listing stats for all yellowcab taxi rides in NYC in 2015. Use whatever legal tools you prefer to exclude obvious errors and then find the most common hour of the day for routes that are longer than the average. Describe your method and include code listings.


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