CG Lecture 34, Thu 2016-12-1

  1. Handwritten notes from 12/01.

  2. My spring ECSE-4740 Parallel Computing course now also has a 6000-level version. It will be listed on SIS soon.

    Grad students might prefer this version. The two courses will meet together. The grad version will require more work.

  3. This Wed, 2016-12-07, I will present no material. This will be an optional session for you to ask me questions.

    However, does anyone want more new material? Well, I'm a professor and I do like talking.

  4. The following iclickers are being used in class but have not been registered:

    #39C8E415 #3B547817 #3B96FF52 #3BAA0594 #3BC29861 #3BE21EC7 #42221F7F #429E3BE7

    If one of these is yours (and you wish for iclicker credit), then please email me with your iclicker serial, and your name and RCS id.

  5. Today and Thurs, Shama will show the 2-minute videos that you sent her.

    Videos over 2 minutes will be truncated at 2 minutes.

  6. Concerning getting an incomplete grade and finishing later: RPI has strict rules for this that make it very hard to get. Being too busy is not an acceptable reason.

  7. Final exam:

    There will be a final exam on Wed Dec 14, 11:30-2:30 in DCC (aka CC, aka Darrin) 318.

    If you have a conflict, please tell me this week, and name the conflicting course. It must be a course listed in the final exam schedule that you are officially registered in.

    You may bring in two 2-sided 8.5"x11" sheets of paper with notes. You may not share the material with each other during the exam. No collaboration or communication (except with the staff) is allowed. The final exam will contain material from the whole course, but more from the last half.

    Final exam questions F2014 with unused questions and some answers.